Since 2004 Viprotron develops and produces innovative quality scanning devices for the flat glass processing industry in our Pfungstadt premises „Made in Germany “. Worldwide our devices control reliably the quality of architectural glass. As OEM-partner of many leading machine builders, Viprotron could develop to the technology leader in quality control of architectural glass within the recent years. Our Quality Scanner 3D, being completed according to customer´s needs, sets the standard among the quality control devices now for years.

As manufacturer of outstanding inspection systems, Viprotron offers an effective automation of current quality controls. Viprotron also offers an integration into the on-site process chain that is individually tailored to customer´s needs, allowing a significant increase in quality and productivity.

The newest application is the Anisotropy Scanner. It first time provides an efficient measuring method, which delivers images and measurement results of anisotropies in real-time. These collected isotropy data objectively and repeatably describe the quality of the tempered glass and allow immediate adjustments of the furnace or quench.

Furthermore, the same inspection system is able to detect and quantify “White Haze“ right after the furnace. This again occurs during the ongoing production process in real-time.

For starters trying to keep the risk low or to use scanning technology even in side lines, the ECO Scanner was developed and launched to the market in 2017 at the GlassBuild show in Atlanta / USA. This scanner is the first real DIY solution, which means it covers the method of examining glasses in the way the international standards require but are so easy to install that the customers can do that alone without expensive travel cost from Europe. An ECOnomical solution!

Optical controls in architectural glass from beginning to end:

Jumbo Controller:

Defect scanning right in the beginning, before the glass gets down the value chain

Quality Scanner 3D:

Defect scanning after a washer in the process (e.g. before lamination or inside IG line) to detect almost every defect with up to three independent camera / illumination channels. The best in class!

ECO Scanner:

Defect scanning after a washer in the process (e.g. before printing, lamination or inside IG line) to detect high contrasted defects according to the standards

Anisotropy and Haze Scanner:

Scanner to detect tempering relevant defects like anisotropies and white haze including stress measurement

Quality Checker:

Optical control of finished products. Measurement in brightfield trans-mission (requirement from international standards) and final control of muntin bars / spacers in insulated glass or contour, cutouts / holes in safety glasses

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