Richter Enterprises, delivering leading-edge technology solutions, provides both the glass making and glass fabrication industry with products designed to escalate productivity. These solutions, including vacuum lifts, automated Lucite sprayers, roller conveyers, feeders, and stackers for robotic applications, will markedly improve production and unmistakably increase your company’s returns.

RICHTER ENTERPRISES CORPORATION develops and manufactures vacuum lifts for the glass industry. Our manipulators are designed for highest safety and reliability. The design of our plate lifters is also focused on ergonomic principles giving a logically arranged interface to the operators and low weight for easy operation.

The manipulators are typically suspended by crane-ways or jib-cranes which can be supplied by Richter Enterprises and customized for the work area and applicable capacities or can be built to be used with existing crane ways.

Richter manipulators can also be customized to rotate 90 degrees, tilt from horizontal to vertical or both.

Richter also manufactures mobile manipulators for job sites. These are powered by battery and can be recharged.