The double-headed SV-1000 achieves fast a high-quality deburring, grinding, and seaming with its compact, powerful design and user-friendly control panel.   The top/bottom and opposite sides are machined at the same time.  In this way, high production rates are realized.  Due to its strong and corrosion resistant construction, maintenance and spare parts costs are extremely low.  This model can also be presented as a line with a washing machine or vertical IG line.  Servo-driven conveyors ensure energy consumption is very low.  All the processes are carried out automatically so that only one person can achieve a high production rate.  Thanks to the user-friendly software and touchscreen OP(HMI) glass processing thickness can be changed with the touch of a button.  The SV-1000 can process Low-E and Laminated Glass without damaging the coatings or interlayer.

  • Servo-driven technology ensures all positioning operations are precisely performed
  • Two grinding heads that machine at the same time on opposite sides of the glass
  • Up to 3 wheels can be used on each grinding head.  Example:  Course Medium Fine
  • Corner-Dubbing
  • With the use of V-wheels, any glass thickness can be seamed without changing parameters
  • All surfaces in contact with water are made from corrosion resistant material so that the cost of maintenance and spare parts are extremely low
  • Automatic Lubrication System – Critical mechanical parts in the machine are automatically lubricated
  • Since the Inlet and outlet conveyors are height adjustable, the accuracy of grinding is extremely high
  • User-friendly Schneider Control Panel ensures easy operation