Macotec Designs and builds automatic flat glass cutting and handling systems that are proven to be an investment in productivity.

Leading the industry for over 20 years, Macotec designs and builds the most productive and technologically advanced systems for glass cutting, handling and storage. Macotec Cutting Systems are designed for cutting both monolithic and laminated glass and their systems range from completely automatic handling and cutting to simple stand-alone cutting tables.

Macotec is characterized by advanced technological features and specialization in design, construction, and installation of cutting tables and handling systems. We design and build monolithic glass and laminated glass cutting tables, handling equipment and supporting equipment that are both highly innovative and unmatched for quality, and we also provide specific solutions for your unique production requirements. Our know-how and our experience in glass cutting are the main advantages on which you can rely upon whether you are searching for a stand-alone cutting table or for a large automated system. We will be at your side, from the very start of the design phase through the set up and training to guarantee a machine that is reliable and productive. But our job doesn’t stop there, we protect your investment over time thanks to a quick and efficient remote assistance service that is staffed by qualified and professional technicians who, through the most modern communication technologies, can intervene directly “on-line” on your plant floor.

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