For over 20 years Officine Mistrello has been designing and manufacturing machines and systems for the storage of sheet material and has specialized in this sector, achieving excellent levels of functionality of its products. Officine Mistrello now has over 1000 plants installed worldwide for the storage and handling of sheet material.

Officine Mistrello is a brand known all over the world, especially in the flat glass sector, collaborating also with absolute leading groups such as Saint Gobain and AGC and operates in many countries such as Italy, France, England, Portugal, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Russia, America, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.

Compact storage and automatic gantry systems

Compact storages are modular machines at the highest grade of customization which have the purpose to facilitate the storage of slabs greatly reducing the storing spaces.

Compact storages are composed of moveable frames which slide over properly dimensioned rails, which are compacted among them and allow the operator to create the space for loading / unloading (corridor) operations only in the desired position. In this way, all the stored material occupies about 1/3 of the space required by traditional A frames.

Compact storages are produced in various versions depending on the type of slabs that must be stored. The modularity and the high degree of customization combined with the great flexibility of our company allows to create in every circumstance, starting from the standard configurations, an “ad hoc” machine for the client according to the needs.

Compact storages, in their standard configuration, are composed of a motorized element that is always at one end of the machine and which allows the towing of the elements to be moved to create the corridor in the desired position, from “n” moving elements sliding on rails and 1 or 2 fixed elements that act as an anti-intrusion barrier, a mechanical stop as well as a fixed storage element.

All the elements rest and slide (with the exception of the fixed element) on rails fixed to the floor thus making the structure solid and safe. The machines designed and built by Officine Mistrello, always very attentive to issues concerning the safety of operators, are equipped with anti-tipping devices and all the systems for the protection of health and integrity of people as required by current regulations on safety at work. All the machines produced by Officine Mistrello comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and with the specific regulations of the sector. Compact storages are produced in various versions: both semi-automatic (basic version) and automatic (top of the range). In this way, Officine Mistrello succeeds in proposing valid solutions for storage both in small workshops and in large Industries, also guaranteeing the possibility of interfacing with other devices already installed at the end user facility (e.g., bridge cranes).

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