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Quality Scanner 3D

Since 2004 Viprotron develops and produces innovative quality scanning devices for the flat glass processing industry in our Pfungstadt premises „Made in Germany “. As OEM-partner of many leading machine builders, Viprotron could develop to the technology leader in quality control of architectural glass within the recent years. The Quality Scanner 3D, being completed according to customer´s needs, sets the standard among the quality control devices now for years.

The Quality Scanner 3D has its name from the fact that it can combine up to 3 Detection channels in one inspection device. But what does that mean? If looking through a glass against a bright or dark background, or even looking at the glass surface in reflection, you can see different defects showing up: high contrasted defects like inclusions, bubbles or scratches against a bright background, smooth and low contrasted defects like hairline scratches, cork marks or other smooth residues against a dark background with an illumination from the side or LowE coating scratches or pinholes in reflection. So for all different defects the Quality Scanner 3D offers the right illumination and viewing angle to find them.

Mostly the Quality Scanner 3D is located in an IG line after a washer and before the inspection / assembly station or before a clean room in lamination, following the same idea to find defects in the single glasses before they are assembled or laminated. As an example: if wanted, the Quality Scanner 3 D can find hairline scratches with a width of 0.05 mm. In the meantime, you can find the Quality Scanner 3D even after coating lines to control the glass quality of coated Jumbos or tempered final sizes.