IG Lines


In order to adapt the technology revolution in the I.G. Industry, Tenon introduced the TE – FNG series. This series is a fully automated line integrated with edge deletion, washing, frame setting, gas filling and sealing. No longer is the traditional spacer cutting, bending, desiccant filling, butyling, and frame setting is needed, this will be completed by the TE – FNG solely with the flexible warm edge spacer robot.

In Addition to the TE-FNG foam spacer line, Tenon produces many other lines based on customer requirements. Tenon also produces a full compliment of Auxiliary equipment needed to complete IG manufacturing. This list includes:

The experience acquired through thousands of machines designed, produced, and installed worldwide is our guarantee of unmatched reliability and quality. Bavelloni has a wide range of machines that include:


  • Automatic Edge Deletion
  • PIB Extruders
  • Automatic Spacer Benders
  • Foam Spacer Robot, both standard and T-spacer with PIB extruded
  • Sealing Robots
  • Semi-Automatic rotating sealing tables
  • Frame Conveyors
  • Tilt Tables
  • Harp Carts


In addition to the ordinary TE technical characteristics, there can be an optional gas filling option. Utilizing high technologies: EtherMAC system, servocontrol pressing, flow monitoring and bottom air-curtain charging method to achieve high speed, high penetration, and less gas consumption. The entire line is controlled from a touchscreen and PLC on the press, which can be gas filling or no gas filling. Washing is accomplished by 6 brushes with a prerinse station for Low-E glass. Low-E brushes are available upon request. Tilting table minimizes installation area and operating space. The IG line is made of stainless steel and assures corrosion-proof long life. This IG line also offers high speed operation with a low noise level and automatic control of glass thickness. Available in sizes 2,440mm x 2,680mm or 3,300mm option.