TWM - Horizontal Automatic Seamers

TWM-F Series Automatic Horizontal Seamer

The Automatic Horizontal Seaming Machine is used to pre-treat the edges of glass for tempering by grinding all four sides along with optional corner dubbing. The TWM-T series has more excellent working speed from continued working flow without any time losses, the cycle time will be 10 -13 second/piece (based on a 1 square meter lite), more than 2 times higher productivity compared with our standard two head type TWM-T series. The TWM-T series automatically adjusts for different glass sizes and thicknesses and can be connected directly in-line with a horizontal washing machine and feeding into a tempering furnace.

Up till now the market has had to deal with high operating costs caused by the expense of diamond belts, low processing efficiency of v- wheels, or intensive labor, But the TENON Automatic Horizontal Seaming Machine solves these problems. The TWM series has excellent efficiency, grinding quality, and longevity. Additionally, the TWM is the perfect solution for seaming Low-E glass thanks to the two-step glass grabbing technology that ensures the Low-E glass surface is not touched through the entire process.

The Automatic Horizontal Seaming Machine is equipped with 4 grinding heads, with 4 diamond-resin, wheels on each head. Two top and two bottom that all move across the glass in a linear motion at 2,800 RPM.

  • Available in 72” 96” and 130” widths
  • Automatic or Manual Laser Logo Positioning System
  • Corner Dubbing
  • Bidirectional Rollers
  • Premeasuring System
  • Small lite pop-up system
  • Air Knife
  • Split/Single Drop-Down Tables
  • Roller Bars
  • Additional conveyors to increase length capabilities
  • Transfer Stations
Glass Thickness 2.7mm-12mm
Grinding Thickness 0.5mm-2mm
Min Size 250mm x 400mm
Working Speed 25-40m/min
Power Source AC380V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Total Power 22Kw
Air Pressure 6kgf/cm^2

PLC Beckhoff (Germany)
Touchscreen Fuji or Schneider
Relay Omron
Servo System Delta (Japan)
Power Supply LG
Motor Tai Zhou