Glass Fabrication Machinery

We are honored to represent the top equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Our goal is to provide solutions for every need a fabricator could have. We have the experience and knowledge of the way the glass fabrication business operates to supply you with the options to run your operation at the highest of efficiencies!

  • Please contact

Cliff Green at (562) 608-8777 to schedule and appointment to discuss equipment needs for any of his partners.

  • Adelio Lattuada – Edging machines
  • CoolTemper – World Leader in Glass Tempering Technology
  • DipTech – Digital Ceramic Printing
  • Direct Print – Specialized Glass Paper Labels
  • Ebbco – Water Filtration 
  • Fenetech – Software for the Glass Industry
  • Forel – IG Equipment
  • Helima – Aluminum and Stainless spacer for IG
  • IGP – Diamond Tools for all edgers, drills and CNC
  • Maver – Glass Cutting Systems
  • Officine Mistrello – Automated Gantry and Storage Systems
  • Richter Enterprises – Manipulators and conveyors
  • Tenon – Automatic Seamers and IG equipment

Looking forward to seeing you at Glassbuild America 2017. Please stop by my booth #3415 to see me, and dont forget to stop by and see all of my partners at their booths.

Adelio Lattuada #2243 

ADI SPA / IGP #2337

Cooltemper #3415

Dip-Tech #1949

Fenetech #927

Forel #550

Helima #806

Tenon #3415


Cliff Green at (562) 755-1015. 

Glassbuild America 2017