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Since 1983, Ebbco Inc. has evolved from a Detroit based industrial distributor dealing in fluid filters of all types, to a leading international company with a market focus on the metalworking industry. Ebbco sells to end‐users through an extensive North American distribution system and direct to OEM’s to keep initial acquisition costs low. As our company has evolved, it has become clear that the three elements of primary importance to us are our customers, our employees and our suppliers. First and foremost, Ebbco’s goal is to supply our customers with state‐of‐the‐art, innovative metalworking filtration products that are easy to use and cost effective. One of our primary strengths is to determine what the industry needs and to engineer our products to meet those needs. Simultaneously, Ebbco strives to provide its employees with career positions that are both personally and financially rewarding. It is management’s policy to solicit input from all employees in the process of manufacturing and distributing products to our industry. With an eye to excellence, management openly encourages all employees to further their education in their selected field, whether it be professional or technical. With all that in mind, the company utilizes the facilities of Macomb Community College and has developed a specialized technical program for electricians, pipe‐fitters, riggers and welders. The results are certifications tailored to our industries’ needs. This ensures the fulfillment of long term employment to our employees and state‐of‐the‐art products to our customers. The third element of our pyramid of excellence is identifying and maintaining quality vendors and products. Ebbco works closely with all of its vendors developing specifications for the products we purchase. While we purchase engineered products to fit certain applications, Ebbco closely monitors these products and modifies them where necessary. Ebbco also develops and patents new technologies for our vendors to utilize in the manufacture of our products. It is of paramount importance that our relationship with our vendors is mutually beneficial. This partnership of our customers, employees and vendors has produced the market leader that Ebbco is today.

Product Applications

Ebbco has developed and engineered systems for the following applications:

  • Glass Working Filtration
  • Wire EDM Filtration
  • Water Deionization
  • EDM Hole Driller Filtration
  • Conventional EDM Filtration
  • Water Jet Cutting Filtration
  • Carbide Grinding Filtration
  • Precision Machining Filtration
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
  • Media‐Free Central Coolant Filtration
  • Stone Working Filtration
  • Parts Washer Filtration
  • HVAC Filtration

Watch the system in action

Trench/Flume Sweeper Package

Dirty water enters the floor flumes and gravity flows into the pit. As option, if water flow is available, flumes can be lined with a series of PVC and Eductors to keep debris from settling in the flumes and pushed toward the pit.

Lobster Pot

A Lobster Pot Flume Screen is placed where the flume enters the pit. The Flume Screen is designed to capture large debris and serve as pump protection.

Pit Pump

The Pit Pump is mounted either on Heavy Duty I beams. This pump delivers water to the Cyclone Filtration System.

Cyclone Filtration System

Water from the pit first enters a centrifugal separator where solids are filtered to a 40 micron. Larger Solids are collected into a Hopper Bag (5c). Clean Fluid then sent in two directions, the Pit Sweeper Package (5b) and the Hydrocyclones (5a). Optional: Sidewinder Filtration System


A Portion of the clean water from the LAKOS Separator enters into a series of Hydrocyclones where the water is filtered further down to approximate 10 micron, Solids are purged into the Hopper Bag (5c) and clean Fluid is sent to the Holding Tank. (7)

Pit Sweeper Package

A custom fit PVC sweeper package lines the floor for the pit to keep particles suspended and pushed toward pump suction for removal.

Sludge Hopper

Sludge Hopper with Removable Bag with four lifting straps, Collects the sludge collected from the Separator and Hydrocyclones.

Settling Weir

An Over-Under settling weir system with removable bag captures overflow from the Sludge Hopper and further removes fine solids before returning overflow water to the pit through the floor flume.

Conical/Clarifier Holding Tank

A 2600 Gallon Conical Tank stores the 10 micron or below gray water and automatically settles out the fluff into the cone bottom ( This process can be enhanced by adding the “Wizard” Coagulant System (O1).) The tank can be manually blown down or an optional “Auto Blow Down” (02) valve can be added.

Gray Water Delivery Pump

A Heavy-Duty Horizontal Pump will deliver gray water from the Holding Tank to the process at the required flow and pressure required by the process.

Hurricane Polishing Filter

For applications that require “Crystal Clear Water” a Hurricane Polishing Unit can be added at point of use to filter the water down to 1 micron.

System Options

Ozone Generator

An Ozone Generator is mounted to the frame of the Holding Tank with an ozone dispersion stone is suspended inside. Ozone will eliminate bacteria, algae and odor from forming.

“Wizard” Coagulant System

A Horizontal Pump Mounted to the Cyclone Filter Unit delivers gray water to the process as required.

Auto Purge Option

An Automatic Ball Valve is incorporated to automatically remove the settled out fluff from the holding tank every two hours.

Auto Purge Hopper

An Additional Sludge Hopper is provided with the Auto Purge Option to collect the fluff, water flows through an engineered diffuser when entering the hopper.