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The machines are supplied with an inlet roller conveyor, a washing and drying section that consists of 3 pairs of brushes and 2 pairs of air knives with a heated water system. It is also equipped with a sound–proofed air filter to reduce the noise level. The machine works without any detergents, and is equipped with an energy saving system so that when transport stops, water stops, air from the blowers stops, and in the case there is no glass, all of the steps will be automatically shut down.

These machines are designed to work both in integrated lines with the Tenon Horizontal Seamer and as a Stand-alone washer.


  1. Strong welded construction
  2. All contact points with water are made of stainless steel, including steel support and bearings for lower rollers.
  3. High production capacity up to 10m/min.
  4. DBA level within standards
  5. Inverter for conveyor rollers with a digital display for speed
  6. Electrical equipment and control panel in accordance to current standards
  7. Can be connected in line with horizontal seaming machine, tempering machine or other machines requiring clean glass
  8. Upper Pre-wash section
  9. Washer body raises to 500mm for easy cleaning
  10. Automatic thickness adjustment up to 12mm
  11. Available as a high pressure rinse washer with no brushes.


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