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Tenon, world-wide leader in the manufacturing of IG lines, automated seaming lines, and washers. They are a state-of-the-art enterprise featuring both a considerably sized manufacturing plant and an extensive R&D facility.  With close to 600 customers in America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, Tenon is at the forefront of the glass machinery industry.  With and eye toward the future, Tenon is committed to producing the highest quality machines to meet your company’s needs.



The Automatic Horizontal Seaming Machine is used to pre-treat the edges of glass for tempering by grinding all four sides with diamond wheels, and comes with optional corner dubbing. The TWM-4 has excellent working speed, and flexibility. The cycle time we be 10 – 12 seconds per piece. The TWM-4 automatically adjusts for different glass sizes and thicknesses, and can be connected directly in- line with a horizontal washing machine and feeding into a tempering furnace or with automated furnace batching supplied by Richter Enterprises.